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Travertine Incense Burner - HYANG

Travertine Incense Burner - HYANG

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- The Dome

A bowl of wonders, for your daily rituals

The Dome is a mesmerizing bowl-shaped incense burner made from travertine. Designed with a minimalist touch and inspired by wabi-sabi and Japandi aesthetics, it adds a captivating design element to any space.

Use it to burn incense or palo santo sticks, as the bowl effortlessly collects ashes for easy cleanup. Elevate your relaxation and meditation rituals while enhancing your home's ambiance with the organic beauty of our Travertine Incense Burner.


Diameter  100mm

Height ≈ 50mm

- The Canyon

When mindfulness meets design

The Canyon is a captivating rectangular incense burner handcrafted from travertine. With its indented hemisphere and central hole for holding incense sticks, this minimalist piece blends wabi-sabi and Japandi aesthetics while collecting ashes. The natural beauty of travertine makes it a striking design element, perfect for creating a serene ambiance during relaxation and meditation.

Elevate your space with this exceptional incense burner, where mindful design meets tranquil functionality.


Length  50mm

Width  50mm

Height ≈ 35mm


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