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Palo Santo Smudge Set - HYANG

Palo Santo Smudge Set - HYANG

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Natural remedy for negativity.

Palo Santo, also known as the sacred wood is a naturally aromatic incense from South America. It has been used by the indigenous people for centuries as a tool for cleansing and purification.

Light up a stick for a joyful spiritual search, meditation, or simply to unwind during the end of a hectic day.



5 palo santo sticks, 1 unscented palm wax candle

Main Accord:

Sweet woody scent with a hint of citrus



- Light a candle or match. Ignite the palo santo stick for 10-30 seconds, then blow out the flame and fan the fragrant smoke around your space.

- Every palo santo stick could be lit multiple times until it is completely burnt out

- Recommended to use on a fireproof holder/plate.





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