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FilmNeverDie Umi 800

FilmNeverDie Umi 800

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We are so excited to share newest successor and evolution of our IRO (色 / Iro meaning colour in Japanese) series film. Umi simply means Sea in Japanese, pairs perfect with our night or low light optimised 800 iso speed colour film.

Out with the external plastic housing, this new designed feature Street Candy inspired paper based packaging. The packaging is specially designed by the talented graphic designer Edmund Li aka @edmund, who is an analogue enthusiast from Malaysia. We hope you like it as much we do! 

All these rolls are also 36 exposure and dx coded film too.Plus you can just process with with c41! At the moment they are all hand crafted meaning we only have very low quantify to start, they are also slightly experimental, meaning these first few batch might be susceptible to tiny light leaks (the beauty of hand made).

The only downside as Covid has taught us, we must wait: available by mid of Feb 2022! Pre-order now to ensure you get your hands on them when they dropped. 

Can I use UMI 800 in point and shoots?

Yes! These are now DX coded.

Does it come with a keyring?

Not this time, but if this still what you want we can implement it in the next batch.  


Film Type: Colour Negative
Film Format: 
Development Process: 

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