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A.O.P Teflon Silvadur Tapered Pants

A.O.P Teflon Silvadur Tapered Pants

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  • Teflon™ fabric protector works on a variety of fabric types without interfering with weight, look, feel, color, or breathability.

  • Materials treated with this technology repel water and oil. Most liquids bead up and roll off the surface; just a brush of the hand removes dry soil. Fabrics with these technologies also dry quicker.

  • SILVADUR™ "delivers silver ions via an 'intelligent control' mechanism" to inhibit the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae on the fabric; it controls bad odors and provides advanced freshness protection. 



Size measurements are in centimeter format

S : Length 100cm / Waist 83cm / Thigh 74cm / Cuff 43cm

M : Length 102cm / Waist 86cm / Thigh 76cm / Cuff 44cm

L : Length 104cm / Waist 89cm / Thigh 78cm / Cuff 45cm

XL : Length 106cm / Waist 92cm / Thigh 80cm / Cuff 46cm

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