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Shrine Incense Stick - HYANG

Shrine Incense Stick - HYANG

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Brings out the zen in you.

Relax your nerves with a warm agarwood incense. Inspired by Japanese Zen, these traditionally made agarwood incense sticks are infused with citrus and jasmine essential oil to produce a light and peaceful atmosphere.

Light up a stick for a joyful spiritual search, meditation, or simply to unwind during the end of a hectic day.

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40 incense sticks

Main Accord:

Warm wood body with a hint of citrus and florals.


Agarwood incense powder, Jasmine Essential Oil, Grapefruit Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil


How to use:

- Use a lighter or match to light the tip. Then, gently extinguish the flame and the incense shall produce scented smoke for around 30 minutes.

- Recommended to use with an incense holder.


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