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Vulcan Diffusing Stone - HYANG

Vulcan Diffusing Stone - HYANG

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A quintessential eruption of aromas.

Hand-chiseled on carefully curated selenite crystal, the Vulcan Diffusing Stone is our artisan's latest creation which took inspiration from a volcano.

The stone is soft and naturally porous with tiny pores and spaces within, making it a great carrier to absorb and encapsulate essential oils within itself. This allows the Vulcan Diffusing Stone to double as a scenting device rather than only a decoration.


Diameter  85mm

Height ≈ 60mm

*Actual product may differ from the photos




  • Unlike a conventional diffuser that fills up your space with aromas only while it is functioning, the Vulcan Diffusing Stone is designed to hold the scents for a very long duration.
  • Constantly adding 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oils onto the Vulcan Diffusing Stone on a daily basis.
  • The scent of the essential oils may not be obvious when you first started using the Vulcan Diffusing Stone. However, as more essential oils were absorbed, the scent would add up and become stronger, and stays till a distant future.
  • You could use different essential oils on the stone. Usually, the newer scent would be strong enough to cover the previous scent. If you wish to have a pure experience of one specific scent, you could always wait a few days for the previous scent to go off before applying a new one.
  • Use it as a decorating piece on your console, desk, shelves for both visual and olfactory enjoyment.



Selenite, named after the Greek goddess of the moon, is a stone of healing and cleansing. This crystallized form of gypsum is long believed to promote positive emotions and vibrations.

Selenite is a soft stone, thus we suggest keeping the Vulcan Diffusing Stone at room temperature and avoid placing it near high heat or humid areas.

If you wish to clean the diffusing stone, kindly wipe it with a clean cloth. Do not wash the diffusing stone directly with water to avoid washing off the minerals on the stone. Avoid rubbing the logo when the stone is in use.

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